7 Sources of Motivation

We all know that with the right motivation we can accomplish a lot of things. But finding the right source of motivation can be a little difficult.  Here is a list of 6 source of motivation that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Success Stories

Some times it can be overwhelming to think about how much work you’re going to have to do and time to invest to reach your goals. It can be discouraging. The best thing you can do to overcome this is by learning how other people in similar situations done it.  The more you learn about how other people achieved their success the easier it is to get motivated.

Friends and Family

Friends and family can be the best motivators and supporters of your cause.  they can do a great deal to motivate you.  they can provide positive feedback and words of encouragement, help you eliminate unhealthy habits, ensure you don’t miss your workouts, ensure you eat healthy and the list goes on.  Recruit your friends and family.  Let them know to kick you’re butt if you’re starting to slack off.

Dreams and Goals

You need to have them. Period.

Health History

This can be a very potent source of motivation.  Most people will not start living healthier until their doctor tells them to or when they are confronted with health risks.  Look into your health history and your family’s to see if you’re susceptible to any health risks.  Even if you and your family have a clean record, you still need to live healthy and exercise regularly to keep that clean record.  Don’t use health history as the last source of motivation, but instead use it as a first line of defense.

Unfit People

Next time you’re in public, look around.  See how many unfit and unhealthy people you can spot. Beside unattractive appearance, observe how hard they are breathing from walking, how difficult it is just to perform simple tasks such as tying a shoelace, and how they drag their feet.  Ask yourself, do I want to be like that?

Sick and Tired

Most people will come to a point where they had enough and will be driven to do something about it.  They are just simply sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Reflecting and always reminding themselves of their unhealthy lifestyle can be a great motivator not to slip into the old habits of lounging around and indulging in junk food.


As much as the media tries to sell us sugary tasty treats, they can also be a great source of motivation.  Gyms and weightloss companies are very clever at creating creative advertising to attract new customers. Additionally, films make a great source of motivation. Check out my post on Top Movies That Will Motivate You to Workout. But you don’t have to go to the theatre or rent a DVD, you can also get on YouTube and check all the channels from fitness gurus and experts to get your dose of motivation.