20 Creative Ads to Inspire You to Get Fit

One of the things I love about the fitness industry, is that there are so many things you can do with marketing and advertising ‘health and fitness’ products and services. Today I came across really creative ads that will inspire you to get fit. Some are thought provoking, some are hilarious and one actually makes you do neck exercises.

1. Fitness Network: Weightlifting

2. VIP Gym: Chairs

3. Weight Watchers: Doors

4. Weight Watchers: Elevator

5. Weight Watchers: Bus

6. Companhia Athletica Gym: Switch your routine, Rope

7. Rezults Fitness: Keg

8. R2 Fitness Club: Christmas Girl

9. Powerhouse Gym: Cable Flys

10. Oxygo Gym

11. MyBody Gym: Mother

12. MyBody Gym: Piranha

13. German Olympic Sport Federation: Lincoln

14. Gold’s Gym: Truck

15. Gold’s Gym: Facebook

16. Gold’s Gym Costa Rica: Button

17. Body One Gym: Fat

18. BOLD: Tree

19. Fitvibe: Exercise

20. Active Life Movement: Superhero

What do you think?

Do any of these ads inspire you to join a gym or get fit? Let me know which ones you liked or didn’t.  If you know of even better advertisements, post a link in the comments section.