Tough Mudder Lives Up to the Name

Since I written about my experiences at Warrior Dash and Spartan Race, I feel like my run at Tough Mudder deserves a blog post as well.  Tough Mudder, was exactly what I was expecting and I am glad I trained for it.  However, I did not expect so many steep and long hills to climb or so much pain to endure during electroshock obstacles.

My first obstacle race, The Spartan Race, of the summer was held mid-June and I learn a lot of my experience there. See my previous blog: Lessons Learned from My Very First Spartan Race.  Then I applied those lessons for the second event of the summer, The Warrior Dash.  Although my performance improved, it wasn’t enough.  Soon after Warrior Dash I had to get very serious about my nutrition.  Training was in place and was effective, but I was carrying a lot of extra weight. So, I had one month to do something about it.

When Tough Mudder rolled around, I was 8lbs lighter. What a difference that made.  Although the hill climbs were gruelling, I ran through most of the course with breeze.  Getting through obstacles was no problem.  Being 8lbs lighter definitely helped getting across trenches, over the walls, and swinging across the olympic hoops.  But one thing you’ll never be prepared for are the electric shock obstacles.  No matter who you are, man, woman, you or old.  Everyone got zapped during an electric eel and electroshock therapy. 10,000 volts were violent.  If your footing was off and you got zapped, you better expect to take a nose dive.  The only way to prepare for electroshock therapy is to focus on your balance and agility.  But expect to feel the same amount of pain as everyone else.

The only way to sum this up: Can’t wait ’til next Summer!