Keeping My Personal Training Skills and Fitness Knowledge up-to-date at Can-Fit-Pro Expo 2010

Every year near the end of the summer fitness professionals, enthusiasts and consumers convene at Can-Fit-Pro Conference and Trade Show, Canada’s largest fitness conference. I attended this year to expand on my personal training skills, fitness knowledge and seek out new fitness gear. I’ve spend about 90% of my time attending various sessions covering everything from advanced nutrition to training to injury recovery to corporate fitness opportunities. Some sessions were very informative and fun and others were less exciting. In this post I just want to share some of my highlights and takeaways.

Attended a great lecture by Dr. Len Kravitz.  Dr. Kravitz discussed amazing strategies on how to burn more calories and boost fat metabolism.  Including everything from nutrition tips to training to how hormones affect fat storage.   His lecture and teachings were based on solid scientific proof and research.  For example, he provided great findings that illustrate ideal exercise intensity needed to maximize fat loss.

There were many practical/workout sessions during the conference. One of my favorites was Personal Training session sponsored by adidas. Learned a couple of really good stretches that can be done in a shorter period of time while targeting many major muscle groups.

In total I attended over 10 different sessions.  Here are some other quick tips I picked up along the way:

  • eat veggies, then eat more veggies
  • low GI foods give you energy to train longer
  • spinach is amazing, learn to love it
  • when taking on a diet program, see if the results are backed by scientific (independent) research or credible case studies
  • hormones are extremely important. we need to be learning more about them and how what we eat and do affects them
  • celebrate your fitness accomplishments with something that gives you an opportunity to show off your fitness

… and there are so many other things I learned and discovered that I will be incorporating into my training routines and with my clients.