Better Results at Ontario Warrior Dash

Just did a Warrior Dash this past weekend.  Achieved better results during this race.  I guess I did learn something from The Spartan Race back in June.  Finished a 3 mile course in just over 35 minutes.  Looking back, I think I would have done it under 30 minutes if I ran the same course again.  That would have easily placed me in top 50 overall.  But I placed 276 out of 4868.

This course was much easier than The Spartan Race, but hills were much steeper.  Quads were doing all the work as I could feel lactic acid build up.  Obstacles weren’t as challenging. I think this is where I made up all my time.  Running earlier in the day also helped, 11:30am vs 4:30pm.

This is not a review of the race, or the course, but more like a note-to-self and a reminder that if I train hard and apply lessons learned from training or competitions, the results will follow.  If you want to see what I initially learned from The Spartan Race, see my blog: Lessons Learned from The Spartan Race