6 Awesome Reasons to Workout in the Morning

People are often surprised to find out I have the energy to hit the gym very early in the morning.  Depending on my schedule, some days I’m there at 6am other days around 9am.  9am doesn’t sound as impressive and shocking as 6am because in order for me to be at the gym for 6, I need to be up at 5.  I prefer to be at the gym as early as possible.  For the reasons listed below it is also the only time of the day that I truly have to myself. I put on my headphones, tune out and focus on my workout.  But here are a few other reasons why working out in the morning is way better than later in the day.

Metabolism is more efficient in the morning

You can take advantage of your higher metabolism and crank body’s efficiency to burn extra calories with added exercise.

Energy levels are higher in the morning

This may be hard to believe for ‘not-a-morning-person’ but your body just had a nice rest and is re-energized.  Get to your workout before the day sucks all your energy out of you.

Gyms are less crowded

This is one of my favorite reasons why I workout in the morning.  Gyms and fitness rooms are much less crowded.  No time is wasted.  I don’t have to wait for equipment, space or even be interrupted by people who are only there to socialize.  It makes it easier to go from exercise to exercise while keeping the heart rate in ideal training zone.

You are more focused in the morning

Typically, I find my mind to be free of mental clutter in the morning.  Ability to focus in the morning is just as important as executing exercises properly.  Contrasting this with a workout at the end of the day, you’re thinking about your boss or co-workers, how late you had to work, about the guy that cut you off, how brutal the traffic was, why that girl or a boy never called back, etc.  Most people will say that working out in the evening allows them to release all that stress.  But why would you want to waste the time you have to yourself on those people or problems?  Working out in the morning allows you to focus on yourself and with regular exercise regiment you’ll be able to better manage your stress through out the day.

Morning workouts rev up your energy levels for the rest of the day

That’s true, with a regular workout program you will notice the same effect. There are studies showing that a regular workout program performed in the morning will aid in sustaining your energy levels through out the day.  While your co-workers are hitting the 10am wall, you’ll have more mental focus and physical energy to avoid it.

You are less likely to skip a morning workout

With a workout built into your morning routine you will not be affected with the ‘end-of-the-day’ distractions and excuses.  No longer will you be skipping the workout because you had to work late, attend events and functions, bad traffic, bad weather, low energy and so on.

With all the great reasons combined, working out in the morning will help you build self-discipline, self-pride and a sense of accomplishment.