4 Principles of Gym Etiquette

There are all types of people in the gym with different personalities, backgrounds and goals.  No matter what your workout is or the reason you joined the gym, there’s one thing that everyone must do. Practice good gym etiquette.  If you’re thinking of joining a gym for the very first time or if you consider yourself a gym rat please consider the following 4 principles of gym etiquette next time you set your foot in the gym.

Be Considerate

You’re not the only one in the gym or using the equipment, so please clean up after yourself and wipe down the equipment.  Return the gear or the machine to it’s original position and put the weights away. Also, don’t block the hallways.  I would not have believed it if someone told me that some people will do their whole workout in the middle of the hallway.  But I’ve actually seen it myself.


One of my pet peeves is the guy or a girl (sometimes) that sits on the machine or a bench and reads a magazine, then he or she decided to squeeze in a rep before resuming his or her reading.  If you want to read, go to the library.  Some people may be too shy to ask to work-in a set between yours, so if you see someone hovering around please ask them if they are waiting for a machine. Don’t hog the equipment.

Practice Good Hygiene

It’s understandable and expected that you will work up a sweat during your workout.  However, that’s no excuse for you not to apply deodorant or not brush your teeth in the morning.  It’s a little hard to focus on my workout if I can smell your B.O. a mile away. And if you’re done with your workout, hit the showers.  Don’t forget to wipe the equipment first.

Be Respectful

Once again, you’re not the only one working out. Respect others and the peace.  Don’t drop the weights or make bear grunting sounds.  Your grunting sounds do not impress anyone.  It is completely normal to expel some kind of grunt when you’re pushing hard, but don’t be a drama queen.  Also, don’t pressure anyone if they are currently using the gear you want to. Instead, be polite and ask them to pass it onto you when they’re done.  Lastly, don’t interrupt someone else’s workout or slow them down.  Working out at the gym could be the only time of the day that someone has all to themselves.

*Image Courtesy of Chris5aw