Christmas Gift Ideas for Personal Trainers and Fitness Buffs: Home Gym Edition

Every year around this time I write a post on Christmas Gift ideas for personal trainers or fitness buffs on your list. In the past I’ve focused on small items geared mostly for individual use, e.g., fitbit tracker. This year I decided to take a different spin and focus on fitness gear for a home gym or fitness studio. This way everyone can use it to build strength and get shredded all year round.

So, if you know someone with a fitness studio or a home gym, consider one these for their workout space:

Battle Ropes

Most know them as climbing ropes, but these days they’re are often called battle ropes. Don’t worry, your special someone on your list won’t have to re-live grade 8 gym class, there’s no climbing this time around. Battle ropes are used in different ways. They’re great for building upper body strength, revving up cardio, increasing agility and speed. Just check out this post for some exercise examples.

battle ropes

Image courtesy of Flickr user stroopsmma

Heavy Bag

Who wouldn’t love a heavy bag?  If the studio or home gym can support it. Get it. Besides getting a great boxing workout, it also serves a dual purpose as stress relief.


TRX is a suspension system that compliments body weight exercises, either making them easier, or challenging every single muscle you got. No matter what fitness level you’re at, there’s an exercises or a training plan for you.


Image courtesy of Flickr user livingfitnessuk


Surprisingly, I rarely see sandbags in use. It’s a very basic piece of gear. All it is, is  a gym bag full of sand. But don’t under estimate it’s primitiveness. Sandbag workouts can get even the fittest trainer’s ass handed to him.

Plyo Boxes

Plyo Boxes are large square boxes with various heights. As the name implies, their used for plyometric training, aka jump training. Anyone who trains with these will attest to their effectiveness in building muscular power and explosiveness. They make a great addition to any gym, big or small.

If you can’t decide what to get, get it all. Anyone using any of the gear above in their training will be that much closer to building Wolverine’s battle-ready physique.