5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Personal Trainers – 2014 Edition

This is my third year of writing a blog post on Christmas gift ideas for personal trainers. If you’d like to see what I recommended previously check out this post from 2012 and one from last year.

HIIT and Interval Timers

gymboss interval timer christmas gift idea for personal trainersMaking a return this year are interval timers. High Intensity Interval Training is still popular because of it’s effectiveness so a good timer helps keep pace with a workout. The two I’d highly recommend are Gymboss, which attaches to a belt like a pager or an app SecondsPro that needs a smartphone.  SecondsPro is my referred app when I work with clients. You can set preloaded HIIT programs or build one from scratch, and large info displays on the iPad provide clear visual cues. Gymboss or SecondsPro are perfect gifts that won’t break the bank.

Sony SRSX5 Portable Wireless Speaker

Portable Wireless Speaker christmas gift idea for personal trainersFreelance personal trainers are always on the road. Along with our fitness gear we carry our smartphones full of fitness apps and music for workouts. But one thing that trainer hope for is that a client has a good sound system to pump some music through. Most cases there isn’t anything decent. If there is, the client usually needs to bring it from another room and set it up. This is where a portable wirlesss speaker comes in. There are many on a market, but Sony’s SRSX5 Wireless Speaker is one of the best. It’s very portable and holds a reliable connection to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Most importantly is produces a killer sound. Your trainer would love it. Don’t forget to get it with a case.

GORUCK Gymbags or Original Backpaks

goruck gymbag christmas gift idea for personal trainersFreelance trainers travel back and forth between clients all day long. Why not give them a well built, exceptional quality bag or pack to lug their gear around. Pricey, but well worth it.  GORUCK bags can withstand all kinds of environments and abuse, including whiny clients.

Elevation Training Mask

elevation training mask christmas gift idea for personal trainersIf you want something really wild and our of the box, get an altitude mask. It’s a unique and great Christmas gift idea for a personal trainer. Trainers love testing new gear. An altitude training mask mimics the effects of high altitude training. It  makes your workouts more intense by helping condition the lungs by creating pulmonary resistance and strengthening the diaphragm. It a nutshell the masks retricts how much oxygen you get. Makes you work harder to get get enough air to push through a workout.

Altitude masks look like they make sense, but a trainer will not recommend them to their clients, including myself, unless we personally have tested it and could see results. Many trainers love testing out new gear, so this would make a perfect gift.

PUSH Strength Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker christmas gift idea for personal trainersJust launched, this fitness tracker goes beyond motivating you to get to the gym. It unleshes the athlete in you and helps you get serious about your training. It’s a first tracker of it’s kind that measures strength. It tracks and measures your actual workouts, not just how long you’ve been active for. “PUSH detects reps, sets and extract, from each rep, scientifically-validated metrics that can tell you if you’re lifting too much or too little.” How cool is that? Get it for your trainer and yourself.

What are you getting your personal trainer or a fitness enthusiast on your list? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments section below.