3 Reasons Not to Use an iPod Armband During a Workout

If you listen to music or other type of audio while working out then you’re probably very familiar with the armbands.  It’s a little mp3 player or an ipod holder that straps around your upper arm.  Well, get rid of it today if you use one.  Manufacturers that created it, obviously did not take into the consideration how it effects your workouts, and body during a workout.


Starting with a workout.  Wearing an armband creates a sense of imbalance. It takes a very long time to get used it.  The last thing you want to think about and be distracted is by a strap around your upper arm.  Your focus should be on the movement and the exercise you’re performing.

Restricted Blood Flow

Secondly, it restricts the blood flow.  The strap has to be tight so it doesn’t fall off during an intense physical activity, especially if you’re sweating. Proper blood flow is imperative to your fitness success as it delivers oxygen and nutrients to your cells, and removes waste.

Limited Muscle Contraction

Lastly, wearing an arm band limits proper muscle contraction.  Just think about how many exercises you do that utilize your biceps.  Do you think it makes sense for one arm to be free of restrictions and for the other to struggle to contract or move blood through?  Doesn’t make sense in my books.

So, what are the options? Belt clips, pockets and I would even consider lanyards to be a better option.  Ask your local electronics store or even sports/fitness store for other alternatives, and say NO to arm bands.

*Image courtesy of Ed Yourdon