2015 Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Buffs

Are you a fitness fanatic or maybe you know one and want to surprise them for the holidays with an amazing Christmas gift? With so many fitness tools out there, it’s hard to choose the right gift for that special fitness buff in your life. And this is why, keeping with tradition, we have created an annual list of Christmas gift ideas for fitness buffs.

Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer

gymboss interval timerI’ve recommended this before and will do it every year because it’s awesome for how useful, practical and affordable it is. The Gymboss is basically a trainers timer, and it allows you to figure out how much time you train and what type of workouts you can perform. It allows you to work with 25 different intervals, and the coolest thing about it is that it’s extremely portable, which is amazing for sure. You get 6 different colors to choose from when you get this one, and since it’s lightweight you can easily carry it with you anywhere you’d like to get a work out in.

Lily Drone Camera

If you want to film yourself during your fitness routines, then this Lily drone camera is perfect. It’s in preorder mode for the time being, but let’s face it, everything from the design, features and the fact that you can fit it in your palm shows the high quality of the entire product. You will love this product for sure, just check out the video:


mbody wearable gearMBODY is a nice advanced wearable training gear that allows you to monitor your muscle activity for vital information during workouts? You can then use this data to optimize your training and reach your fitness goals faster. Looks like it’s geared to really serious athletes but you don’t don;t have to be a pro, you just have to be serious about your training to obtain massive benefits from analysing your muscle activity.

PUSH Strength Band

PUSH Band packageAll you need to do is read my earlier review of the PUSH Band why I’m recommending it. It’s a band that will help assist with the day to day workouts, and at the same time it will bring in front impressive results and an amazing experience. Using this product is very easy and the fact that you can obtain actionable metrics will help you stay on track towards your training goals.

GoRuk Gymbag

goruck gymbagAny fitness fanatic needs to have a good, reliable bag to carry his equipment, and this particular bag fits the bill quite nicely. It’s a sturdy product and a very reliable one as well, but at the same time it’s designed to be lightweight. The price is very good too, so you should definitely consider it as being a stellar Christmas gift for you or your friend.