4-Day Split – Upper Body Workout – Shoulders and Core

Final workout of this split training program, and it’s all focused on shoulders and abs. You can catch up with previous workouts by following the links below. Day 1:¬†Upper Body Workout – Chest Focus Day 2: Legs and Core Day 3:¬†Upper Body Workout – Back Focus Day 4: Shoulders and Core Workout Instructions This workout’s … Read more

4-Day Split Training: The Shoulder Workout

A good way to round-off a 4 day split training program would be with a Shoulder and Abs workout. Workout Instructions Start the workout with a warm-up. Perform the strength training portion as exactly as outlined below. Finish with cardio intervals. 4-Day Split Training: Shoulder Workout Warm-up Skip Rope 5 mins Strength Training A1: Seated … Read more