How New Dads Can Find Time for Workouts When There’s a Newborn in the House

New dads, congrats on your new bundle of joy.  If it it hasn’t already, your life is about to change forever in almost every way.  The two most precious resources you’ll be missing is time and sleep.  But just because you don’t have time to yourself or energy to do anything doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to get your … Read more

How I Dropped 8lbs in 1 Month and Kept It Off to Tell About It

Have you heard of the old saying ‘The shoemaker’s children go barefoot’? Meaning that the cobbler spends all his time and talents on his customers rather than on making and repairing shoes for his own children.  And that describes me.  I dedicate a lot of time and energy to my clients, ensuring they are meeting … Read more

Tough Mudder Lives Up to the Name

Since I written about my experiences at Warrior Dash and Spartan Race, I feel like my run at Tough Mudder deserves a blog post as well.  Tough Mudder, was exactly what I was expecting and I am glad I trained for it.  However, I did not expect so many steep and long hills to climb … Read more