Simple Routine with Advanced Moves for a Solid Foundation

We’ve seen it all before. In the gym, beach and magazines. Nice shoulders, ripped arms and a shredded abs. It all screams, “I am Alpha!” But then you look further down, and you notice the foundation is missing. This dude looks like he’s about to topple over. You ask yourself “What happened to his legs?” … Read more

Lower Body Workout for 2-Day Split Training Program

I’ve covered a great deal about split training on Daily Workout. Workout below focuses strictly on the lower body. It can be integrated into any split training program. Workout Instructions Start with a light warm up. Weight training portion begins by working larger muscle groups and working our way down to hit small muscles. Perform … Read more

Lower Body Workout for 2-Day Split Training Program

We talk a lot about split training at Daily Workout. Split training allows you to target specific muscles groups throughout the week and give them ample time to rest and recover.  This workout is to compliment a 2 day split training program next to upper body workout. Give at least 2 days break before doing … Read more

4-Day Split Training: The Leg Workout

Splitting up your training intro multiple sessions allows you to focus on developing a particular muscle group or an athletic skill. Since we spend most of time standing or moving around it’s important to dedicate a whole session to just legs. This workout consists of just three exercises. the point of this session is to … Read more

Lower Body and Core Workout

This workout hits the lower body and the core. Add this training routine to your two-day split program.  Split days can take on various forms. The most basic one is splitting your training in two. One training session focuses on upper body, and the second one focuses on the lower body. During this workout you’ll start … Read more