Full Body Supersets Workout

Stay at home, or hit the weights at the gym. This workout can be done anywhere and with minimum equipment. If you’re working out at home resistance bands, a swiss ball and dumbbells will do. If you’re off to the gym, you got a little more options so put it all to good use. Workout … Read more

Post Holidays Easing-in Workout

And we’re back. Holidays, vacations and flus. Not sure about you, but it was tough getting workouts done in the past month.  Mostly because almost everyone I know and myself got sick with all kinds of seasonal colds, flus, nasal congestions, throat and ear infections. It wasn’t fun. Being the first week back, it’s little … Read more

Tone-Me-Up Workout

We’re right in the midst of the holiday season, and the big ones are just around the corner. Inevitably we’ll indulge in delicious treats and partake in epic meals. Nothing’s wrong with that, and personally, I’m looking forward to it. One thing I’m not looking forward to is creeping weight gain, in a form of … Read more

The Grimm Reaper – The Full Body Circuit

Why it’s called the Grimm Reaper? Because this is a killer workout, and if don;t get you the Grimm Reaper will. You have to be in a damn good shape to get it done and be able to move on with the rest of your day. Workout Instructions This is a circuit. Setup your stations … Read more

Hero Abs Workout

Even if you lack superpowers, you can still build a core of a hero with this workout.  But don’t even think about chiselling your six-pack, yet.  This workout is intended to set your core on fire and build strength all around. Focus on building strength first, eat clean and everything else will follow.  Every exercise listed … Read more

Swiss Ball Workout for Beginners

Got a swiss ball? You’ve done workouts before and now you’re ready to incorporate the swiss ball into your training? Got a set of dumbbell, or even soup cans? Perfect. This is a great starting point. Since you didn’t workout with a swiss ball before, the exercises will be kept basics, but the format advanced. This … Read more