Essential Home Exercise Equipment Under $100

A great deal of my personal training happens at clients’ homes.  As part of my interview process with a new personal training client I always inquire about fitness equipment available at their house.  Most common pieces of fitness gear my clients have are swiss balls and a pair of very light weight dumbbells.  Obviously, this … Read more

Christmas Gift Ideas a Personal Trainer Would Approve

Last year I wrote a post suggesting a few Christmas gift ideas for fitness buffs.  Continuing that tradition, this year I am recommending a few more products that any fitness buff or gym-rat will love as a Christmas gift or a stocking stuffer.  My recommendations are based my experience with these products; and as personal trainer and … Read more

5 Great Christmas Gift Ideas For The Fitness Buff On Your List

Whether your fitness buff is a novice, seasoned gym rat or a pro-athlete there is definitely something on this list they all would love.  I’m recommending these gift ideas for three reasons, all items get a great deal of usage from myself and my clients, they help you get the results you want and because … Read more

Burn More Calories With a Heart Rate Monitor

In the past couple of weeks I conducted a mini experiment. I wanted to see if wearing a heart rate (HR) monitor burns more calories. The HR monitor won’t burn calories on your behalf, but rather help you stay within your target heart rate (easier than doing it manually). I wanted to compare this to … Read more

3 Reasons Not to Use an iPod Armband During a Workout

If you listen to music or other type of audio while working out then you’re probably very familiar with the armbands.  It’s a little mp3 player or an ipod holder that straps around your upper arm.  Well, get rid of it today if you use one.  Manufacturers that created it, obviously did not take into the consideration … Read more