Flat Tummy – A Swiss Ball Workout

Who doesn’t want a nice flat tummy?  Of course you do. It’s not going to be the one workout that will help you get there. you’ll need a proper workout regiment, sound nutrition and dedication. If any of those three things fall apart you can say good-bye to your flat tummy. Incorporate the following swiss … Read more

4-Day Split – Upper Body Workout – Shoulders and Core

Final workout of this split training program, and it’s all focused on shoulders and abs. You can catch up with previous workouts by following the links below. Day 1: Upper Body Workout – Chest Focus Day 2: Legs and Core Day 3: Upper Body Workout – Back Focus Day 4: Shoulders and Core Workout Instructions This workout’s … Read more

Hero Abs Workout

Even if you lack superpowers, you can still build a core of a hero with this workout.  But don’t even think about chiselling your six-pack, yet.  This workout is intended to set your core on fire and build strength all around. Focus on building strength first, eat clean and everything else will follow.  Every exercise listed … Read more

Lower Body and Core Workout

This workout hits the lower body and the core. Add this training routine to your two-day split program.  Split days can take on various forms. The most basic one is splitting your training in two. One training session focuses on upper body, and the second one focuses on the lower body. During this workout you’ll start … Read more

Learn to Love a Swiss Ball – Core Focus

This full body workout is all about a Swiss Ball. If you disliked it, then this routine will help you love it. This routine has a great emphasis on working your core. Besides the ab exercises, performing other movements on the exercise ball will help keep your core muscles engaged the whole time. Workout Instructions … Read more