Kettlebell Home Workout – Upper Body Focus

Only you get out, what you put in This is a fairly advance workout so not only does your hard work matter, but you also have to take the time to know the proper movement. If you’re already familiar with the exercises, proceed to the the workout, if you’re not, take the time to learn … Read more

Chest Building and Tricep Chiselling Workout

With the last workout we got back into a swing of things. This week, let’s break it down and focus on specific muscle group training to maximize strength building and recovery time. You guessed it, it’s a split program. Starting with chest and triceps.  I also made the workout a little bit more intense. The … Read more

4-Day Split – Lower Body Workout – Legs and Core

Just like the previous workout, this leg training is straight out of my workout journal.  It’s part of my 4-day split program: Day 1: Upper Body Workout – Chest Focus Day 2: Legs and Core Day 3: Upper Body Workout – Back Focus Day 4: Shoulders and Core Day 1 and 2, are typically done on Mondays … Read more

4-Day Split – Upper Body Workout – Chest Focus

This workout is straight out of my training log. For the most part my training involves split programs because I like to focus my workouts on specific muscles groups and give them enough rest to recover. This workout is part of my 4-day split program which will be posted throughout the week. Day 1: Upper Body … Read more

4-Day Split Training: The Chest Workout

Training routines can take on many different forms and levels. Those who are serious about building physiques or training for a sport are often found splitting up their training. Meaning they don’t work the whole body in a single session, but instead use each session to work on a specific muscle group or improve specific … Read more

Upper Body Workout for a Bigger Chest and Back

Want bigger chest and back? There’s a workout for that. This workout focuses all on major muscles groups of the upper body and can be used as a part of your two-day split program. Workout Instructions Start with a warm-up. Performs number of reps suggested in each set for each exercises. Go heavy on the … Read more