Why You Should Fill Out PAR-Q Before Starting an Exercise Program

is par-q required?After much debate with your inner-self and getting enough motivation you finally decided to start an exercise program. But where do you start? You can join a gym, join an exercise group, hire a personal trainer or do it yourself at home.  Whatever the method you choose you need to make sure you are able to take on an exercise program.  The very first thing you need to do is fill out a very simple questionnaire PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire).

PAR-Q will help you determine if you’re ready for an exercise program, or if you need further medical clearance.  It will also screen for know diseases and sign and symptoms.  If you answered YES to one of the seven questions you should consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.  In addition to Medical Referral, a health screening and lifestyle assessment may be required in order to help develop the most suitable exercise program for you.  If you answered to NO to all questions you are ready to get started.