Is PAR-Q Required?

Yes. Yes it.

It shouldn’t even be up for a debate. If you’re just discovering PAR-Q for the very first time, it stands for Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire and is intended for use with people with the ages between 15 and 69. As I wrote in my post: Why You Should Fill Out PAR-Q its a questionnaire that helps you determine if you’re ready for an exercise program, or if you need further medical clearance.

As a standard of practice, all personal trainers, sports clubs or other fitness professionals must have their clients fill it out.

Even if your Certification or Governing body doesn’t mandate it, its still a good idea for your clients to answer 7 simple questions.  This way you’ll know if your client has any underlying medical conditions, concerns, or is ready to take on exercise.

I would also suggest for any individual taking on an exercise program with out the aid of professionals to review PAR-Q and answer these same 7 questions.  If you have any conerns you should seek medical advice before taking on an exercise program.

Download your PAR-Q form here.