Another Way to Burn Extra Calories During Breaks Between Exercise Sets

We all look for ways to burn extra calories without putting in too much effort or feeling the pain of a grueling workout. Here’s an idea on how you can burn extra calories during your workouts: re-rack weights. That’s it.  While taking a 1 minute break between your exercise sets why don’t you re-rack weights that other people left on the equipment.  Simply return the weights to their proper holding station.  It doesn’t require much energy but you will burn extra calories.

In addition, with time, you will build up additional strength in your upper and lower body.  All you have to do is walk back and forth a couple of times between exercise equipment and the weight rack carrying 10lbs, 25lbs, 35lbs or 45lbs plates.  I am not advocating spending your whole time at the gym doing this, but I am recommending another way to make your workouts even more efficient.  Doing this will help keep your heart rate stay in the target zone and consequently you’ll end up burning more calories during your workouts.