5 Fitness Blogs That Challenge the Status Quo

Most fitness advice is boring. You always read about the same thing day in and day out, but in a different package. Recently, I discovered and now subscribe to these five blogs. Their authors don’t beat around the bush. They deliver advice that makes sense, enlightens and actually challenges how you think about fitness and approach your training and nutrition.

Free the Animal

A blog run by Richard Nikoley, covers his journey of dropping 60lbs and building significant strength.  This blog is about discovering, empowering and freeing the human animal inside all of us.  To live the optimal healthy lifestyle, that humans were meant to live, we need to whip other aspects of our lives into shape, not just diet and exercise. We need to look at our environment, mental strength and capacity, self-control, lifestyle and stress among many other things.

BA Living

If you read this post: 30 mins you’ll quickly get a sense of Clif’s philosophy and approach to fitness and healthy living.  A blog by Strength & Conditioning coach Clif Harski, will challenge the way you used to do things  and  push your body beyond what you thought you could do.  Clif utilizes body mechanics and natural movement to help you improve your strength, mobility and whip you back into shape you were meant to be.

Dangerously Hardcore

Every time I read John Kiefer’s blog, I feel like if I don’t get to the gym he’ll reach out through the computer screen and punch me in the face. The blog lives up to the name, as well as Kiefer’s approach to building strength and muscular development.  Kiefer can easily explain complex subject matter and provide practical applications.  Besides providing science backed advice, Kiefer can introduce you to a lot of new things, just see his recent post on Fitness and Nutrition Experts everyone should know. Kiefer has been posting a lot of videos on YouTube so I also added his fitness channel to my post on fitness gurus.


My runner friends swear by the advice of Steve Gangemi, aka the Sock Doc.  Although I’m not a dedicated runner, but I’ve been reading the blog and listening to Sock Doc’s wisdom for at least a couple of years.  His advice is not only directed at runners, but to anyone engaged in any kind of physical activity or training. The Sock Doc focuses on helping you become a more efficient athlete through education, natural treatment of injuries, enabling you to embrace your natural movements and barefoot way of life.

Lifestyle and Strength

Why do research when you have a great resource like Lifestyle and Strength? Actually, I do my own research but I love going back to L&S blog for more information and references.  Matt and his team do an outstanding job explaining why certain training methods work and others don’t, how life stressors affect your training and diet,why some diets fail, how hormonal interactions affect fat loss and why women should lift.  These are just some of the topics covered, however, there’s plenty more for you to learn and discover.  Articles are well researched and complex subjects simplified.

Do you read or write an awesome fitness blog? Please share in the comments section.