Kettlebell Home Workout – Upper Body Focus

Only you get out, what you put in This is a fairly advance workout so not only does your hard work matter, but you also have to take the time to know the proper movement. If you’re already familiar with the exercises, proceed to the the workout, if you’re not, take the time to learn … Read more

Full Body Supersets Workout

Stay at home, or hit the weights at the gym. This workout can be done anywhere and with minimum equipment. If you’re working out at home resistance bands, a swiss ball and dumbbells will do. If you’re off to the gym, you got a little more options so put it all to good use. Workout … Read more

Simple Routine with Advanced Moves for a Solid Foundation

We’ve seen it all before. In the gym, beach and magazines. Nice shoulders, ripped arms and a shredded abs. It all screams, “I am Alpha!” But then you look further down, and you notice the foundation is missing. This dude looks like he’s about to topple over. You ask yourself “What happened to his legs?” … Read more

Chest Building and Tricep Chiselling Workout

With the last workout we got back into a swing of things. This week, let’s break it down and focus on specific muscle group training to maximize strength building and recovery time. You guessed it, it’s a split program. Starting with chest and triceps.  I also made the workout a little bit more intense. The … Read more

Back in the gym, back on the blog

I’m back. This blog has been quiet for way too long. I originally blogged to communicate and share my fitness knowledge with current and prospective personal training clients, however, in early 2016 I stopped taking on new clients. Other priorities in life took over and I decided not to renew my personal training and kettlebell instructor … Read more

Post Holidays Easing-in Workout

And we’re back. Holidays, vacations and flus. Not sure about you, but it was tough getting workouts done in the past month.  Mostly because almost everyone I know and myself got sick with all kinds of seasonal colds, flus, nasal congestions, throat and ear infections. It wasn’t fun. Being the first week back, it’s little … Read more